Arthur Vandesande, advisor to the Firm

Arthur VanDesande served as a Senior Special Agent for IRS Criminal Investigation and as a Revenue Agent for over 29 years, specializing in offshore tax schemes, gambling, environmental crimes and money laundering investigations. Recently retired, he held the position of Offshore Schemes coordinator for the Miami Field Office, one of the busiest and most productive prosecution districts in the nation. In this capacity he was the lead agent and initiated, led and assisted in the prosecution of numerous multi-jurisdictional investigations in all parts of the world.

VanDesande has conducted numerous complex gambling investigations at state and Indian Tribal facilities. He also
initiated and refined a multi-country, environmental investigation program that resulted in one of the first criminal financial convictions in support of the new Kyoto Protocol international treaty on climate change. He was involved with the first coordinated law enforcement efforts to review international credit card programs, a precursor to the John Doe summonses, which subsequently led to the piercing of offshore banking secrecy throughout Europe’s banking centers. He has developed and implemented numerous investigations and techniques that track and recover overseas assets, evaluate correspondent banking relationships and assess offshore tax structures for banking compliance and regulatory requirements.

VanDesande is the founder and principal advisor of Concorde Associates, an international risk assessment, tax consulting and training organization that provides subject matter expertise in the areas of offshore business structures and transactions, environmental financial issues, money laundering, and banking in the expanse of law enforcement and regulatory compliance. He speaks frequently on national and international offshore business, environmental and banking topics and has been featured on national television financial investigative programs.


September 1994 to May 2016

Senior Special Agent/Miami Offshore Coordinator
Miami, FL

• As a Special Agent, Mr. VanDesande conducted complex financial crime investigations related to violations of the Federal money laundering, drug trafficking, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, gambling, conspiracy, employment tax and evasion laws. These investigations frequently required the detailed analysis of domestic and international financial records.

• Mr. VanDesande has served as a Senior Special Agent and leader in financial fraud investigations. He has been assigned as the lead investigator in numerous complex criminal investigations and has personally conducted investigations of gambling, money laundering and asset forfeiture. He has worked collaboratively with IRS civil divisions, local US Attorney’s office, Department of Justice Tax Division, US embassies and foreign governments while conducting individual and corporate fraud investigations involving understatement of income, employment tax fraud, false expenses, gambling violations, false 1031 exchanges, false investment losses, re-invoicing schemes and transfer pricing schemes.

• Mr. VanDesande has accumulated extensive experience tracing the flow of funds through domestic and international financial institutions and working with foreign governments to accomplish these objectives.

• Mr. VanDesande has worked in-depth with other federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI and Homeland Security. He has extensively used forensic accounting, auditing and interviewing techniques to resolve investigations.

Mr. VanDesande is mindful of the legal and public acceptance ramifications of federal law enforcement policies and procedures. He has always exercised discretion and integrity in implementation of enforcement operations. He has achieved excellent results working overseas with foreign officials and financial institutions.

• Mr. VanDesande has executed numerous arrest/search and seizure warrants. He has submitted numerous complex Special Agent Reports, conducted pre-trial preparation, participated in trials, testified at Grand Juries and other evidence hearings.

• Mr. VanDesande initiated, developed and investigated precedent-setting cases domestically and internationally:
-He successfully investigated multiple gambling cases, both at the state and Indian Tribal level. Both involved tracing hundreds of financial transactions and millions of dollars in concealed transactions.

-He successfully investigated a national level excise tax case involving international finance, laundering and promotion. The case resulted in the cash recovery of several million dollars and recognition by the Secretary of Treasury. In this same case he coordinated, planned and executed one of the rare non-narcotics expulsions and fugitive recoveries of several subjects from Central America.

– In another international case he investigated an offshore tax schemes provider and organization with over 1,000 clients and several hundred million dollars under management. He successfully coordinated with multiple embassies and foreign officials, traced overseas evidence, conducted numerous international trips and interviews and obtained warrants for the subject, numerous employees and clients. Again, he was able to expel and recover fugitives for non-narcotics charges. He also organized the largest on-site foreign evidence and recovery operation in field office history, organizing dozens of agents over several months in a foreign country and executing the review of over 1,100 boxes of evidence and over a dozen servers. This particular case was used as an example in a prominent Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations congressional report on Offshore Financial Centers and Offshore Fraud and featured in a prime time national level television program.

• Mr. VanDesande has conducted long term acting Supervisory Special Agent assignments.
• Mr. VanDesande has been the field office Offshore Trust, Offshore Schemes and Offshore subject matter expert for over eleven years. He has represented the field office at national offshore strategy sessions, during the implementation and inception of most offshore credit card compliance programs and the precursor discussions leading to the John Doe summons strategy. He has instructed and taught foreign tax officials. He represents the field office in national offshore seminars.
• Mr. VanDesande has taught field craft and intelligence techniques and procedures to the national undercover program.


• Mr. VanDesande is an excellent interviewer with massive experience in both criminal and intelligence interviews and operations. He has conducted interviews as part of domestic and international tax investigations and intelligence investigations.

• He has taught, discussed and presented complex financial scenarios and investigations to senior leaders, foreign officials, embassy personnel and large gatherings. He is competent and comfortable developing complex briefings and presentations.


Miami, Florida November 1987 to September 1994

• As an Internal Revenue Agent, Mr. VanDesande conducted complex civil examinations and audits of personal, corporate and partnership Federal income tax returns and entities. Mr. VanDesande used all direct and indirect methods in determining if the entities correctly reported all revenues, expenses, balance sheet items and owners’ equity correctly. He worked independently in the field, often conducting independent audits of corporations for extended periods. He completed all phase I through phase IV advanced audit and tax training. He has been assigned numerous cross division assignments as cooperating agent conducting complex criminal net worth investigations. He consistently relied on his accounting degree while auditing, evaluating complex financial entities and deciding complex legal tax issues.

EDUCATION Georgia State University
Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting 1986

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Criminal Investigator Training
Special Agent Basic Training
Advanced Special Agent Training
Instructor Training

Anthony graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and earned his Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University School of Law.

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